Tattoo Space

Welcome to the Official website for Tattoos Are Forever,
Our Studio's aspiration is to provide a professional setting for local and visiting tattoo artists in the area
and inspire new clients to the tattoo world with a great experience.


What is this?
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Tattoos Are Forever is a shared tattoo space where you pay a flat rental fee for a station, like booking a booth at a tattoo convention or guest spot.

How does it work?

-Once you register as an Artist you can book one or several days online, you make your own schedule.

-You pay a Flat rental fee of $40 USD or 50/50** per day scheduled. No percentages, No commisions after $80. You keep 100% of your income.

-Your Tattoo station will be clean and equipped with a few necessities upon your arrival.

-Tattoos Are Forever is equipped with a health permit, consent forms, biohazard needle disposal and other essential tools to provide a profesional safe environment for the Artists and the Clients.

**Prices will change as our monthly expenses change**
**Overtime fees may apply**


Artist Registration

There is no cost to register as an artist, once your submission has been approved we will contact you with further details.
-Identification card or Passport
-vaccines record card
-First aid and Infection control certificate (BBP)
-Public social media presence

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